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String Bikini Bottoms
String Bikini Bottoms


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String Bikini Bottoms
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Standard string bikini bottoms are still the most popular type of bikini bottoms, although skimpier cheeky and thong cuts are also rising in popularity. These bottoms have a classic bikini cut that covers the majority of your backside.

Other bikini styles with similar cuts tend to sag or cut too tightly into your backside. The design of string bikinis, however, allows you to adjust the fit of your bottoms so that they fit snugly against your backside without gapping or squeezing.

Thong String Bikini

Thong string bikinis are one of the skimpiest string bikini bottom styles. They are designed to put your backside on display

There are multiple different thong string bikini styles. Most thong string bikinis feature a small triangle of fabric in the back. However, G-string bikini swimwear bottoms forgo this triangle and only include fabric in the front connected by string around the sides and back to reveal even more skin.

Brazilian String Bikini

Brazilian string bikini bottoms have a cut that is in between a standard bikini and thong bikini swimwear in terms of coverage. These bikini bottoms have a cheeky cut that flatters your curves and shows off your backside without putting too much skin on display.

You don’t have to worry about breaking the public pool or beach swimwear regulations in a Brazilian bikini. This style provides enough coverage for you to feel comfortable wearing it in public places while still allowing you to feel sexy and attract just the right amount of attention to your figure.

Micro String Bikini

Micro string bikinis are by far the most revealing swimwear style you can wear. Popularized by the attire commonly worn by models in the photo spreads of magazines like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, these skimpy bikinis are designed to reveal the maximum amount of skin possible without crossing the line into public indecency.

The bottoms of micro string bikinis are cut extremely low at the waist and include a very thin strip of fabric with a G-string back. The tops of this bikini style feature tiny triangles of fabric in front that are designed only to cover your nipples and leave the rest of your chest on display. These fabric triangles are connected by very thin strings and straps that are almost undetectable. Wearing a micro string bikini is definitely a bold choice that can be nerve-wracking for many women, but putting your body on display in this swimwear style can help you feel sexy and even increase your body confidence.

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